13 Apr 2022

Accessing your Attic just Got Easier with Attic Lad WA’s Attic Storage Solutions !

The ultimate storage solution to any Perth home, is having part of your attic turned in to a designated  attic storage space. This will help make your clutter disappear just like magic !

Drive through any Perth neighborhood on a Saturday or Sunday when homeowners have their garages open and you’ll see that garage clutter is a common problem.  The reason is simple:  Homes are not built with enough storage space. when it comes to storage, unfortunately, you’re garage becomes the only place to organize all of the family stuff. This then creates the problem were to park your car !

 Adding Shelving  to your garage will be very helpful for small items. However, there are just too many bulky items that won’t fit onto the shelving such as: eskys, suitcases , camping gear, fishing tackle, boxes of Halloween stuff , Christmas decorations the list goes on.

 Attic Storage by Attic lad WA is the Ultimate Storage Solutions  Attic Storage Perth

Attic Lad WA can develop your home’s hidden asset (the attic space) by installing you one of my quality attic ladders and creating you some very usable attic storage.

Most homes have the potential to have attic storage space created in there attics, but in most homes it’s typically undeveloped. But don’t despair!. Attic Lad WA  can convert your attic into the ultimate storage space, Just by adding some attic flooring , and a attic access ladder, your attic can become a huge hidden storage area.


Perth Attic Storage solutions by Attic Lad WA  storage solutions

Do you need  more storage space at your Perth home ?  Then let Attic Lad WA  install you an attic ladder and create you an Attic Storage Room. Please don’t hesitate to contact Paul on 0423 423 334 to get your free, no-obligation quote today.  Attic access ladder installations start from just $795.00. Attic ladder and 10 sq meters of Attic Storage can be installed from only $2000. Dust proof attic storage room from $5200 To check out my completed projects and to see my many Great Reviews, please visit me on FacebookHouzz and Google my Business .  If you would like more information about my attic ladder & attic storage installations, please visit my Attic Ladders page.