04 Jun 2017

Factors to be considered in buying an Attic ladder

Having a built in attic ladder can make a trip up and down the attic easily, safer and faster. It makes the attic to be very active and reduce the likelihood of forgetting things stored up in the attic. Being that attic ladders are very useful, when buying an attic ladder certain things have to be considered. Some of these factors are;

  • Location: One of the factors to be considered in buying an attic ladder is the location where the  ladder will be installed. Ordinarily, attic ladders are designed to fit into the ceiling around existing manholes. In most cases the existing access hole in the ceiling has to be enlarged so that the ladder can fit into it. However the attic access ladder can be installed in to different locations like garages. When installing attic ladders it’s important to ensure that the bottom of the ladder is well pitched to the ground with enough room to manoeuvre.


  • Type of Framing:

    It is also important to consider the type of framing used in your building before buying the attic ladder. Frames can either be trusses, individual rafters and floor joists. When the trusses roofing is the framing system in use, it shouldn’t be cut or readjust this is because of the fact that it functions as an interlocking system. Therefore, in situation like this, always ensure that the right dimension is taken or the advice of a professional is sought before buying the ladder.


  • Length and Weight:

    The length and weight of the attic ladder should also be considered. The distance of the ceiling to the floor should be suitable for the length while the weight relates to the number of load it can carry. As a general rule, the heaviest person using the ladder is used as the weight standard also the load hauling through the ladder is considered. In view of this 250 pounds to 300 pounds weight of blood is usually considered.


  • Materials:

    It is also important to consider the material that the ladder is made of. Generally, attic ladders are either made of aluminium steel or wood. The fact that attic access ladders are always subjected to heavy weight, aluminium is a better choice of material compare to wood. This is because of the fact that they are generally more reliable and durable. They can withstand harsh conditions without getting rusted and they are the best for safety reasons.


  • Usability features:

    Attic ladders come in different styles and designs that are tailored towards enhancing convenience, safety and usability. However, the styles and designs of an attic ladder will be based on the personal preferences of the customers. Some of the features to consider are;


  1. Folding Vs Telescoping: Some ladders can be folded out while others telescope. Example of a telescoping ladder is an extension ladder. The choice of the user will be a function of the purpose for which the ladder is meant for.
  2. Handrails: Most attic ladders usually have a handrail which is used as an aid when climbing the rung or stairs of the ladder. It is not recommended to buy an attic ladder that doesn’t have a handrail.

Homeowners are advised to always put these factors into consideration when buying an attic ladder. To get the most cost effective Attic ladder and attic storage, Attic Lad WA is the answer. We provide you with the best service at the right price.


buying an Attic ladder 

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