11 Mar 2019

We understand the challenges homeowners have in maximising space in their home. It seems just as you clean and organise one area, you end up with a disaster in another, right? At Attic Lad WA we have seen it all. From overflowing storage spaces to unfinished attics, we are here to help you with an attic conversion customised for you.

Most of us want to create extra space in our homes by moving items into our attic, but sometimes the area is already consumed with other items or isn’t ready to handle the weight of what we need to store. Here is a step by step guide for creating space in your attic whether you want to make it a place to lounge, or simply a place to keep your holiday decorations.

Maximise Your Attic Storage | Attic Lad WA | Attic Ladders PerthA Step by Step Guide for Attic Storage Areas

1. Remove Everything From Your Attic

If you are working from an unfinished basement, chances are you can skip this step and move on to the next one. However, if your attic is already filled with items you are storing, it’s time to take everything out of the space so you can identify how it all needs to go back in. We recommend placing tarps or blankets in an open space near your attic and labeling each of those areas. One area should be labeled “keep,” another should be labeled “sell” and finally the last labeled, “donate.”

As you bring items down from your attic, place them in the appropriate areas, so you do not have to organize twice. This not only cuts your work in half but gives you a good sense of what has to return to the attic and the space you will need to accomplish that.

2. Clean Your Attic Space

No matter what you do with your attic space, you will want to ensure it is a clean slate to work from. Now is the time to dust it out, sweep and evaluate for pests. This is also the perfect time to give Attic Lad Wa a call so we can evaluate your attic space and plan your ideal vision. We help people every day create functional, clean and dust free attic spaces with our in-house storage solutions. We will look at your floor space and evaluate what kind of attic storage system that will best work. This will include attic ladders to access the area, as well as the proper flooring to support the weight of your items and anyone occupying the space.

3 Installation for Organisation

Together, we can design the right kind of space and give you ideas on how to customise your attic. We will do all the installation for you, so you can then move onto any organisational systems that need to be installed. We will create the right amount of floor space so you can then use shelving, hook systems and racks to create area-specific locations for your items. This is the perfect time to look at your “keep” pile and decide how those things can break down into categories. When you start placing items back in your attic, creating “zones” for these items will help you avoid having to open every box in your attic just to find the right holiday wreath.

4. Move Into your New Attic

After you sell all of those unused items and donate the rest to those who might need them, you now get to move back into your attic. You may find that you have freed up space in your attic, and can now move items from inside your living space into your new attic storage area. This will give you some extra space where you spend most of your time, namely, in your home.

Use your zones to categorise your items so you know exactly where everything is. You can even create a diagram of this or color code it for future reference. The idea is that you now have a strategy for your storage space and a plan to keep it looking great and functional year round.

Other Features of Attic Lad WA Storage Solutions

We work with a number of different products to serve our clients and their unique homes. No attic is alike, and we have worked on the most basic spaces to those that have given us a real challenge. We come highly recommended by our clientele for our high-quality work and attention to detail.

Our products have different price points according to your budget and needs. We have different ladder styles such as aluminum or wooden options. We also offer different flooring options according to the structural build of your home and the anticipated weight we need to accommodate for.

Another important item that we can provide is venting. Attic ventilation is crucial, not just for the safety of your storage, but also for the safety of your family. Attic venting and ventilation systems also provide better heating and cooling efficiency. As you know, it’s not unusual for a Perth home to see 70°C (170°F) heat in the Summer, pushing your roof, duct, and HVAC systems to their limits. Attic fans and ventilation systems will help cool the space, so your building materials and systems don’t suffer as much in our Australian Summers.

Are you excited to start your attic project with us? We look forward to hearing from you, and we can’t wait to show you the potential you have in your attic space! Give us a call today on 0423 423 334 to set up a no-obligation appointment.