07 Sep 2016

Roof ventilation by Attic Lad WA

 Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation is very important in cooling your home. As heat gets trapped in the roof space during hot summer days. There are many products on the market that can help to remove hot air from your roof space and in doing so will help to cool your house down . The most popular and cheapest option  is the installation of a  whirlybird which can be supplied and installed from only $250

Solar Roof ventilation Perth

The most efficient way of extracting hot air from the roof space, is the installation of a  solar powered roof vent. There are models that can offer the performance of up to 15 traditional whirlybirds. They are whisper quiet and operate at $0 running costs. The best models are fitted with a thermostat, that stops operation when the temperatures get below 24 degrees. This ensures that you are not sucking the heat out in Winter

Roof ventilation by Attic Lad WA

Do you need some type of Roof ventilation  when having an attic ladder or attic storage  installed at your home? Then don’t hesitate to contact Paul on 0423 423 334 to get your free, no-obligation quote today. I can install you a whirlybird from only $250 supplied and installed. Attic ladder installations start from just $795.00. Attic ladder and 10sq meters of attic storage from only $2000. To check out my completed projects and to see my many great reviews, please visit me on Facebook. For more information about my attic ladder & attic storage installations, please visit my Attic Ladders page.