05 May 2019

 Attic Storage Conversion in Perth 

Attic storage conversion in Perth are one of the easiest ways to increase your homes storage space.  This can also add  real value to your home as its like adding another room to the house. Here are some useful things to think about when planning to have a attic storage conversion. 

Were is the Best Location To Have An Attic Storage Conversion

 Most Perth homes can accommodate having attic storage in their Attics. If your worrying about your air conditioning! It is not a major problem. The ducting can be moved and rerouted. If need be it can be extended for a small cost which is normally around $165.
In newer homes the garage is normally the best location for the attic access ladder to be installed with the attic storage going over the front part of the house.
Passage ways and hallways are also a great location to have the attic ladder installed as the hatch is out of sight. When  creating attic storage in the roof space it’s always best to have the flooring platform near the highest  part of the roof. This is so you can stand up and move around easily.

Budget Attic storage conversion

Attic storage conversions in Perth can vary greatly between companies.
Attic Lad WA‘s prices are very competitive. Prices start at just $2000 for
10 sq meters of light attic storage which includes one of my popular deluxe wooden attic ladders.
I have twelve different sizes and variations of attic ladders to choose from  to suit everyone’s budget. With prices starting at just $795 fully installed.

Dust Proof Attic Storage Attic storage conversion

Many homeowners do not always like the  idea of storing their belongings  in a open dusty attic space. This is why a dust proof attic storage conversion can be the perfect option.
Creating a dust proof room in the roof space is we build a stud frame work onto the flooring .
Once the timber stud frame is up, we then line the walls with a heavy duty foam insulation product. The insulation foam is a 3-in-1 insulation, thermal and radiant barrier. Comprising of an advanced high density closed cell XPE foam material which is sandwiched between two layers of poly woven foil.
The foam insulation provides excellent thermal properties. It  has a high tear resistance which makes it ideally suited for use in the construction of dust proof attic rooms. It provides superior thermal ratings to standard 2-in-1 insulation and helps to reduce thermal bridging between the attic and the attic room.
Ventilation is also included with a dust proof attic conversion. As we install a Turbobeam Whirlybird which helps to extract the heat whilst letting in natural light. Also included is an access door which allows access to the rest of the roof space for maintenance etc. 

Attic Lad WA’s Storage Solutions

As you can see there are many things to consider when planning to have an attic storage in your attic. Luckily Attic Lad WA can help you with his attic storage solutions !
I am able to offer you the best advise on which location to have an attic ladder installed with attic storage. I pride myself on providing you the most usable storage space in your attic.
Please feel free to contact me for a no obligation free quote on 0423423334.
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   Melissa Sjepcevich recommends  Paul Mounsey Attic Lad WA Attic ladder & Attic Storage installations.
Highly recommend. Great prices and did a great job installing it. Created a great space for storage.


Attic storage  by Attic Lad WAAttic storage conversion

Do you need more storage space at your Perth home?  Then let Attic Lad WA  install you an attic ladder and create you some Attic Storage. Please don’t hesitate to contact Paul on 0423 423 334 to get your free, no-obligation quote today.  Attic access ladder installations start from just $795.00. Attic ladder and 10 sq meters of Attic Storage can be installed from only $2000. Dust proof attic storage room from $5200 To check out my completed projects and to see my many Great Reviews, please visit me on FacebookHouzz and Google my Business .  If you would like more information about my attic ladder & attic storage installations, please visit my Attic Ladders page.


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